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Change is hard in any context. But it is particularly difficult when so many have a personal stake in maintaining the status quo. Regardless of how you look, who you love, or where you sleep at night, everyone deserves an opportunity to fully participate in civic life. That’s the guiding principle for Highlands Law Firm – and something I take very seriously.

I spent years working with state and local officials, business leaders, and community organizers advocating for basic, incremental changes in favor of marginalized groups and individuals. Time and again, I found myself making the case for even a modicum of decency and humanity, offering difficult concessions to foster good will with collaborators, and trying desperately to exercise patience while those around me seemed satisfied with half-measures and mediocre policy. Those days are over.

I have the utmost respect for my friends and colleagues who have committed themselves to furthering the cause of social justice by working within the system. I genuinely believe it takes capable, talented, and patient individuals who are “at the table” with law enforcement, state officials, and policy-makers, articulating a clear vision for reform and justice. And I will do everything I can to continue supporting you. There is tremendous value in building bridges, listening intently and empathically, and honoring the basic goodness in those who see things differently.

But when these efforts fail, when the forces of division and intolerance win the day, when those in a position of authority abuse their power – there’s no substitute for force. That’s where you’ll find me.

See you in court.

Zachary Warren